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We’re so happy you found us and we hope that your skin will be happy too!


A little about us….

G Handmade Soaps, or ‘Gmade’ as we like to call ourselves came about when Gina, the beautiful founder, wanted to know exactly what was going on her kids delicate skin everyday. So this is why and how Gina’s love and passion for soap making came about. 

After first making soap for just her family whom loved them, she decided to branch out and start selling soaps to anyone who wanted natural, sustainably sourced soaps with plastic free packaging. From this her ideas and soaps grew, and so G Handmade Soaps was born!

All of the soaps on this site are handmade by Gina herself in Maldon, Victoria.





A little bit about Gina….

Gina, who is one of five in her family, has an adoring partner and three beautiful kids. Gina loves spending time with her family in the outdoors, and loves to bake. 

After starting her career in the hairdressing world, Gina now raises her young family and works casually hairdressing and most importantly putting all of her passion into her beautiful soap making.

Gina is extremely passionate about all things natural, supporting small and local businesses and produce, and sustainability. Dedication to reducing plastic waste is high on Gina’s priorities, which shows in this business which is plastic free.




A little about how we give back…..

In loving memory of Gina’s father, a percentage of all soap sales goes to Demetia Australia.











A little bit about who and what we use…

Using the best quality products helps Gmade deliver luxurious soaps to you!

Our milk and honey are sourced from Gina’s hometown of Dunnstown and coffee from neighbouring town Gordon. The products used to make our wash cloths and soap drainers are locally sourced and are made by talented local makers in Ballarat, Victoria.

The shea butter is handmade by hard working women in Northern Ghana. The sales of their shea helps provide them with much needed income to care for their families. 





A little bit about how we make the soaps….

Gina uses the cold pressed method to make all the soaps. Cold pressed soap is made by mixing lye with water, blending it with fatty oils, and adding essential oils and natural colourants like clays. They are then poured into moulds and once set are cut, and cure for 6 weeks after cutting.

Cold pressed soap has many advantages to other store bought products - it has no detergents, which strip the skin of natural oils. They are better for the environment, healthier for the skin and can be made incredibly moisturising.



Please enjoy looking around G Handmade Soaps and thank you for your support.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email Gina at hello@gmade.com.au